On March 25, Savannah State University issued a statement addressing refunds for students.  

The school announced students would be receiving 45% of their housing plan, dining plan, post office box, and transportation fee. Savannah State anticipates to have those refunds disbursed during the week of April 6-10.   

The total is more than $4 million returned.  

Many students had different opinions about the student refund plan and what was decided.  

“We deserve more than just the fees they’re offering us and they should raise the dining plan refund due to the Student Union being closed half of the semester, student Ciera Walley said.  

The Student Union was shut down in January and most of February after an infestation of bugs and other health issues. Some feel they did not get much of their money's worth in regard to their dining plan.  

Tasneem Ward, a senior mass communications major, said she was OK with the refund plan.  

“I’m fine with what they’re offering back to us, the semester was almost over so I wasn’t expecting to receive much anyway, she said.  

The housing and dining plans make up the majority of the refund, so students who commute to campus expressed some of their concerns online. Many feel as though it’s unfair that they won’t be receiving as much as the students who live on campus. 

“I feel like athletic fees should be added to the refund plan, and I feel like anyone paying out-of-state tuition should get a higher percentage than 45% since their tuition is higher, said William Sullivan.  

The justification for the refunds and choice of funds being returned was explained in an email sent to students. Students can contact Student Financial Services with questions regarding their refunds.  

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