On the evening of October 26, 2020, Savannah State University hosted a drive-in rally for the Biden-Harris presidential campaign. Students faculty and locals gathered to support the campaign and learn more about the potential first lady Dr. Jill Biden.

The students were very excited that something this big was happening on campus because the school rarely receives gratification for the wonderful things that they do. Students received late notification of the event. Director for the JMC Dr. Trammel said “sorry for the late notice but the faculty is just finding out about it” this email was sent at 2:45 PM just a couple of hours before the event.

Around 4:00 PM Trump supporters showed up at the school with their signs and bullhorns yelling as students drive by and peacefully stand waiting for the rally to start. Students were concerned at this point. Junior, Xavier Smith said, “ we are treated poorly to get on campus and our parents and friends are harshly questioned but a group that is obviously set to disturb the peace is allowed on freely”. Many of the Trump supporters did not have on masks and the students are already put at risk by having to attend classes in person and being on campus.

Shortly before Dr. Jill Biden took the stage the Trump supports started chanting at the student “white lives matter” and “blue lives matter”. Students were instantly enraged but stayed calm to be cautious and not disturb the well-organized rally. The Trump supporters carried on speaking on their horns during the rally and this enraged the students even more.

Dr. Jill Biden finished her message and thanked the students for coming and supporting her and her husband.Quickly after students fled near the top of campus and the Trump supporters started yelling at the students. Students began crossing the street to get the supporters to get off of campus and stop disturbing their peace. Trump supporters started waving their flags trying to hit students and successfully did.

Savannah State campus police pushed away from their students and did nothing to reprimand the man that hit a Savannah State student. Campus police were also escorting rowdy trump supporters to their cars instead of helping the students.

The demonstration ending without any injuries to students or those that came on campus.

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I realize the purpose of campus police is to preserve order but who really got served? From what I am reading here obviously not the students. A Trump supporter hits one and nothing is done? Well if it was not within the boundaries of the campus, there was the Savannah Police Department, there was the Chatham County Police Department. Hmm...who was it that was tip toeing on egg shells?

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