On September 14, 2020 Savannah State announced that COVID-19 testing appointments will be available on the campus for students, faculty, and staff. They will be available in King Frazier ballroom Tuesdays and Thursdays starting September 15, from 10 a.m to 3 p.m., and appointments may be booked online.

The test will be administered in the form of a saliva testing and some students have their concerns for them. Kamia Caldwell, a Junior Mass Communications major, expressed her concerns saying, “I just feel like we should have had it on day one like all the other big schools of University Systems of Georgia. It’s just kind of unfair that us smaller schools have to wait to be tested, we’ve been having to take things into our own hands by going outside of school to places like CVS to get tested. Now that it is on campus though, I might consider, however the test is a saliva test and those typically take a little bit longer for the results to come back compared to CVS.”

Kennedy Vaughn, a Junior, Visual Performing Arts major also expressed her concern on the testing being offered on campus, “When I realized that testing wasn’t being offered on campus right away per what we were told over the summer I took it upon myself to get tested every other week now off campus at CVS. I am pleased that the testing is here for us now, but since we are a smaller school it could have very well affected us worse than the larger schools, and risked us getting sent home. Thankfully, the school and students have been taking the proper precautions to social distance and keep us clean and safe to keep our numbers down.”

The professors seem to be a little more optimistic on the testing being offered on campus than the students, and are thrilled that the campus will be more safe now that everyone will have access to the free testing.

Dr. Carolyn Jordan, Mentoring Coordinator, stays,“I’m grateful now that Savannah State has incorporated the opportunity for us to get tested. I believe that the more of us that are tested the better equipped we are to fight this disease. So many different variables of Faculty, staff, and students traveling from different areas on a daily basis and our families and extended families that we interact with. Knowledge is power, the more you know the better you can be equipped to keep the numbers down so I'm grateful that COVID-19 testing has now been made available on campus." Jordan continues, "Understand the challenges that maybe we didn't have sooner but I'm grateful that now that it has been Incorporated. I've already been tested in the community prior to the testing available at Savannah State however, if the need arises if I come in contact with someone who's positive it is comforting to know that I can get tested while on campus.”

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