Andrew Okorodudu is a Nigerian basketball player at Savannah State that is the energizer bunny of the team. Just learning how to play basketball, Okorodudu just started playing basketball a few years ago is learning fast. Last year he averaged 4.5 points and 8 rebounds and looked to take an even bigger leap this upcoming season, that’s until COVID-19 came about.

 Okorodudu was under the impression that sports would be back to normal by August and quickly realized he was wrong. COVID affected him and his progression in basketball a lot, being a big man, he looked into homing in on his skills such as his footwork, his ability to shoot, and other things but the worldwide pandemic altered that.

Basketball quickly becomes his life and number one love once he started playing it, he hated the fact that COVID ruined everything he had planned this year for his team. “I don’t think it’s fair, I see the NBA play in a bubble, division 1 basketball are playing their games on time and we are in the NCAA just like them, what makes their environment safer than ours but we have to wait until spring and possibly play fewer games,”  Okorodudu stated.

 Okorodudu's needs and wants in the classroom are the same as almost all college students as well, he feels as if classes should either be in person fully or that such class should not be offered. “I feel like you can’t get the full idea or concept of the class if you’re not able to learn in person, in the past, you could sign up for online classes and that’s okay because it was a choice but now it’s a necessity and I think that’s wrong.” 

His hope and aspirations this upcoming season have not changed, whether it’s in the fall or spring  Okorodudu’s goal is to bring Savannah State a conference championship, he doesn’t care about the individual accolades, he just cares about winning and he feels as if the team they have this year has the tools and makings to be great during this COVID season.

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