Serena Garcia speaking at 2020 SRPI

Serena Garcia speaking at 2020 SRPI

The Southern Regional Press Institute (SRPI), was held from February 25-27. This years event was like others in the past where many passionate journalists and communications students came together for the two day media conference but this time virtually. 

That is due to covid-19 which shifted many things virtual. The first 69 years were live events with hundreds of students and panelist gathering at Savannah State University for the workshops but this year guest got to attend virtually.

Among the wide range of workshops was "Getting career-ready during a pandemic." The workshop's panelist was Serena Garcia, Marketing & Communications Strategist, Releve’ Consulting, who advised participants on how to achieve their professional ambitions even during a pandemic. Especially on the importance of internships for students.

Garcia demonstrated to the participants, most of whom were mass communication students, the importance of internships for a student's future career, and she said, "Don't let anyone say no to you when applying for an internship."

Through her background and various academic and professional experiences, Garcia was able to motivate students on the importance of internships for a student's future career.

Kareem McMichael, the director of the 70th SRPI, said it was great timing for this workshop. "It was important to have this workshop apart of our line-up and this stellar alumnus here to give her insight on acquiring internships and the ambition to get what you want," said McMichael.   

This workshop focused on the importance and necessity of an internship and how to map your professional future. While many students were discouraged by the rejection of their internship application or by their lack of motivation to do an internship, this workshop certainly changed their view on the issue.

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