Earlier this semester students were told that instead of in-person commencement it would be online same as Fall 2020. The online commencement was in place due to the concern of the spread of COVID-19.

On November 4th, it was announced via email that students would be able to have in-person graduation for the Class of Fall 2020  This year’s graduation will take place in T.A. Wright Stadium instead of its traditional setting Tiger Arena.

This will be Savannah State's first in-person graduation since the COVID-19 outbreak that happened early this year. The change from the arena to the stadium was made to help with the prevention of COVID-19 Due to the fact it is easily spread in closed-in spaces. Students and their families are ecstatic at the change because they are allowed to see their graduates walk in person.

Students are only allowed to invite four guests to the event and they will be required to wear a mask as well. Students and guests will be given specific instructions on how to enter and exit the ceremony. The ceremony also will still be lived streamed for others to be able to watch as well.

The graduate Class of 2020 is very excited about this change in the commencement ceremony this year. Jelan Hayes and Joseph Cain, both majoring Computer Science majors, agree that they are excited about the ceremony. Hayes says, “ Having our ceremony in-person helps to forget about the past few months we have had.'

Cain agreed to saying, “ I feel like we deserve this ceremony after everything that we have been through this semester”.

The decision to have in-person graduation was made by the commencement committee Student Government Association and the senior class officers. This decision made by the Savannah State commencement committee is a step in the right direction to normalcy.

Enrico Dallas another graduating senior major in Criminal justice stated, “It’s a step in the right direction I guess to going back to normal, I understand that we establish a new normal, but this is defiantly a sign of great things to come."

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