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Savannah State University students might get an unpleasant surprise on Nov. 5 when they attempt to vote. Depending on the address students use as their residence on campus will determine if they can vote in the Savannah municipal elections.

Savannah State University student residents must be registered under the address of 147 Tompkins Road if they wish to vote in the upcoming municipal elections. The majority of the residential students on campus are currently ineligible to vote in the upcoming municipal elections because they are registered as residents under the address of 3219 College St., which is considered within Thunderbolt’s city limits.

Antwan Lang, Savannah State alum and member of the Board of Elections, said “If students are unaware, they could potentially lose their voice in the city elections by not being able to vote.”

The last day to register to vote is October 7. Students can change their address until that date to be eligible to vote in Savannah. 

Residential student Amber Piercy was unaware of the address confusion. Upon learning about the issue, she said, “It is important to know the information because the decisions the people in office make will affect me and other Savannah State students at one point or another because many of us are in this city for about four years for school.”

Students who are registered to vote in the Savannah elections have several key positions on the ballot this year including mayor of Savannah and four city council members. 

For a list of candidates, go to 


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