This upcoming November students will get an opportunity to cast their vote for the presidential election. For some students, this is their first time voting and for other students, this is their second time voting in a presidential election. In the 2016 election, some of the older students decided not to vote because they felt as if both candidates were not fit to be in office. In 2020, things are a little different for the democratic party with former Vice President, Joe Biden, running for office. With Joe Biden running for office, more students are comfortable voting because he served as Barak Obama’s Vice President for two years.

“With all that has been going on this year, this year’s election is very crucial and it is imperative for people to get out and vote. Voting is an opportunity to let your voice be heard and the opportunity to make your voice and opinion matter.”  Nicole Torres, student of Savannah State, states.

Students are hoping for Biden and Harris to get into the office for the next 4 years because they believe the Biden administration will do a better job of taking care of issues that matters to the American people. Students also believe that the Biden administration will also focus on issues such as healthcare, taxes, and individual rights for Americans. When asked about Biden possibly getting elected Torres stated,

“I hope he takes care of people who are on welfare, I hope more housing opens up and I hope more Jobs get created and hopefully find a solution to this whole COVID-19 pandemic.”

If Trump is re-elected then a lot of students will be disappointed. Students don’t expect for the Trump administration to do a better job on the 2nd term. Some say the Trump administration won’t do anything to benefit the American people because they have been satisfied with the “little” that they have accomplished in office because their agenda supports the rich and wealthy and people in power

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