Graduation Spring 2019

Ericka Hampton having received her diploma.

Last week, the Savannah State University administration emailed students requesting photos and information for a virtual commencement ceremony to take place on May 9 at 10 a.m., which was the same date as the originally scheduled commencement.

According to the email, each graduate’s name will be called while their picture and major are shown on the screen. 

AFter the announcement, many students and parents expressed different opinions on the plan. 

Many students are upset about the traditional ceremony being postponed and not being able to walk across the stage to celebrate one of the biggest accomplishments of their lives. 

Aireion Bonner, a senior at Savannah State, said, “When this virus hit everyone was making jokes about how we were going to have our graduation online & now that it’s reality I can’t believe it.” 

“My mother is a bit disappointed because she wanted to see me walk across the stage, but she knows that this is what’s best considering the coronavirus," she said. 

Savannah State is asking for professional headshots from graduates to be shown during the commencement ceremony. They said the professional shots are not mandatory. 

“I feel like this is sort of short notice to be trying to get professional headshots for the ceremony at this short notice, either they should have pushed the ceremony back or changed the deadline for the headshots," 
Matthew Green, a senior, said.
 "Other than that I’m fine with the online commencement, as long as my hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.  

The deadline to submit the information and photos is Tuesday, April 28. 

“I just don’t want the class of 2020 to be forgotten," senior, Ria Gay, said. "Everyone has worked hard to get to this point and even though we’re having an online ceremony I hope that later on when the coronavirus clears up that we will be able to have a real ceremony.”  

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