The week of Homecoming is one of the most exhilarating on campus filled with traditions such as the Step Show and Coronation. Usually the Campus Activities Board releases the list of events and performers weeks ahead of time, but this year, that announcement was delayed until fewer than two weeks before. The delay caused confusion for students who usually look forward to the special week.

On Friday, Oct. 11, CAB hosted its release party, announcing a line up featuring Trina and Boosie, Stunna 4 Vegas, B.Simone and Young Nudy.

Brandon Collins, the president of CAB, said the delay was caused by changes in advisers and budgeting concerns.

“Last year the release was a little bit earlier. The reason why, this year, as you know we are going through the changes of the new advisers. That pushed us back,” he said. “We were waiting for money situations to get handled.”

Collins said he knew how the delay would look to others. Students took to Twitter to convey their frustrations, and Collins saw it; however, he said he didn’t want to comment on it.

He said he understands students’ frustration, although he said that he and the other coordinators have been working on the lineup since July and progress is getting made.

“For Homecoming, it’s not about the events or the artists, it’s about the experience,” he said.

Collins said the members of CAB know that having famous artists plays a big role in making the student body happy. Booking celebrities and special guests is another process that the president has to go through. “We listen to you guys about artists. We pretty much take down everything you guys write,” he said. “Then we’ll break it down to who can come and who can’t come due to legal situations. Artists with felonies are not allowed.”

The next steps would be to take the list to the legal department which results in financial costs. The students on campus are looking forward to artists that other universities had at their homecoming. These include Megan Thee Stallion, NBA Youngboy, DaBaby, and others.

During the final minutes of the interview, Collins wanted to make sure that the student understood how it is up to them to make a great experience for Homecoming week. Even if the lineup isn’t to everyone’s liking, their experience should be at its peak. “For the most part, it’s what you guys make it. We try to add as much as your input in it. But it’s still up to you guys to really push Homecoming to make it fun.”

Danica Evans and Ariana Dingle, two Savannah State students, said that the reveal of the lineup was predictable. “Like I knew that they were going to switch up a little bit but I didn’t expect for them to switch up a lot,'' Dingle said.

Many of the events that were listed were included in last year’s lineup as well such as the Silent Headphone Party and Bonfire, Residential Hall Step Show, Fashion Show, and the Greek Step Show. Evans explained her frustrations about the lineup, “I feel like they should’ve posted it all at the same time- instead of waiting.”

One of the main issues for students was the wait because the majority of students on campus work jobs off campus and cannot take off work at the last minute. Evans said she has to work during Homecoming because she didn’t know when she should take off for it so now she has to work.

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