On Monday, March 22nd, senior, Kevontae Kelly announced FreakNik week to the Savannah State students as an alternative to the university taking away Spring Break this semester.

The Coronavirus has been a big obstacle this academic school year and many students were upset with the cancellation of their spring break. The university felt as if it would be too much of a risk for students to travel during the break due to the possibility of bringing the virus back to campus.

“It was a decision that was difficult to make, but we had to think of the safety of the faculty, staff, and students,”  Student Life Advisor, Desmond Stowe.

Although safety is most important, students were furious with the university’s decision and urged for events and campus activities. For some students, it felt as if their college experience was taken away. For others, it felt as if they have yet to have a college experience.

“I haven't been provided a full college experience because nothing is close to normal. From the food selection, lack of class interaction, and especially with social campus life,” says, Freshman Alexandria Tennant,”Everything has been very opposite of what the upperclassmen experienced in previous years.”

However, a change was around the corner when senior Kevonte Kelly announced FreakNik week. In the year of 1983, FreakNik was an annual spring break festival in Atlanta, Georgia that was primarily attended by students from HBCUs. Today, Kelly used it as an alternative for students to take back their college experience.

“It has been a very depressing semester sitting in our dorms for weeks at a time”, Kelly states, “Once I found out that we weren't getting a spring break nor a break from midterms I knew I had to pull something off.”

Kelly went on to explain the reasoning behind his inspiration from FreakNik was from the 90’s black aesthetic. He was motivated by the success that hip-hop icons such as Uncle Luke and the Party Boyz gained from participating in FreakNik.

“I wanted to have events that showcased those same things, students putting matters in their own hands, and still finding a way to have a good time with each other even while in a time of gloom”, states Kelly.

This year's FreakNik lineup includes a greek yard fest, an all-white brunch at 520 Tavern, a beach gathering at Tybee Island, and special performances by many musical artists. Many students were excited about the opportunity to experience a blast from the past.

“I’m definitely looking forward to the beach”, states senior Ian Sainvil “My friends and I signed up for the jet skis and boat ride!”

If there were students who weren't able to attend any of the Freaknik events, the university student life program created Homecoming 2.0 from Thursday the 24th to Sunday the 28th. A weekend filled with rock climbing, a pep rally, and games, was soon to come for any students who didn't have the resources to travel on and off-campus for any of the FreakNik events.

Kelly said, “Living in the moment with everyone and enjoying the hard work that was put into this event makes it all worth it.”

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