The end of the spring 2020 semester is rapidly approaching, and Savannah State faculty is working to ensure students do their best during the sudden transition from campus lectures to online classes. Financial aid arrangements are being made to accommodate students in need, and all offices remain open and are doing their best to provide their support for students during this time. 

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, colleges and universities around the world are attempting to deal with the spontaneous cancellation of spring semester classes and the closing of all physical campuses post-spring break. 

The Savannah State student body displayed many emotions upon hearing the news, but mostly disappointment. 

“I’m just sad because there was much that my organizations had planned for the remainder of the school year,” said Daijah Guns, a sophomore business major. 

Besides missing school-related events, some students are trying to cope with the possibility that classes could continue to be held online should conditions worsen as some schools have already called for. Boston University was the first to reveal their plans to keep protocol and continue to host online class lectures until 2021. 

Jaelin Arline, a sophomore performing arts major, said, “I just hope it [Boston University] doesn’t give Savannah State any ideas. It’s bad enough one semester was practically snatched from us, but I feel like cancelling in-person meetings and keeping campus closed until 2021 is doing a bit much.” 

Can students handle the fact that they may be forced to continue meeting online for the upcoming semester? With the spring 2020 commencement ceremony and probate ceremonies being altered to adhere to social distancing requirements, some students are saying they feel less motivated to finish this semester strong.

“I’m honestly ready for this semester to be over already. I think I’m losing my drive to finish off strong. Campus was my support system in a way,” said Cameron Florence, a freshman business major. 

Contrary to what students may think or what is being circulated via social media or other platforms, students will be glad to hear that Savannah State University has yet to make a decision regarding the semesters ahead. 

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