Being a college student in this pandemic has to be one of the hardest things to do. Some students have to balance school and organizations, while others may have to balance school and work. Regardless of what you have to balance right now, everyone needs a little virtual relief!

According to Khayree Hasan, the Student Government Association President, Monday, March 1st, The Campus Activities Board, Student Government Association, Student Life, the COVID Task Force, and the Campus Police will be conducting a meeting to discuss possible implementation of protocols for in-person events. The topics under discussion are Live Tuesday, Homecoming Stroll off, Food Truck Festival, in- person-organization meetings, panel discussions, and a possible step show in April. Khayree ensures that virtual events will still take place amid this fight for in-person events.

Destinee Clark, the 83rd Miss Savannah State University, stated that “The Student Government Association will be hosting a virtual Student Body Forum on March 1st at 7 pm. It'll be some general information given, so you wouldn't want to miss it!

The Campus Activities Board President, Keri Ann Wiggins, stated when asked about any upcoming virtual events, “The Campus Activities Board has seen a major change in how we have to approach the student body with virtual engagement. This semester, we have held virtual events such as Black Out, Black Card Revoked, Dashiki Monday, etc." Wiggins continued, "This semester is far from normal, but we hope to provide school spirit and entertainment until we can all come together again. As for the up-and-coming events, we plan to increase our social media presence and plan events that all students and faculty will enjoy in the safety of their personal space."

Many things are coming up and in discussion to make the remainder of the school year entertaining and fun. Make sure you guys keep a lookout for all flyers and postings on the SSU Stripes page on Instagram or the CAB Instagram page!

Finish strong, Tigers!

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