As schools nationwide are adjusting to COVID policies while maintaining social distancing within students and faculty members here on campus, Savannah State has been on its priorities of making sure that students are well and taken care of as this pandemic is being monitored very closely. With many of the Savannah State students being concerned about us having an actual Homecoming this year.

One of our very own students, Kevonate Kelly, had stepped up to bring that old Savannah State pride back into the atmosphere. There were events happening from things such as Car shows, parties off campus, church services, even events in the circle. Events were planned for everyone to bring family and culture back to how it should be in recent years.

With the “unofficial” homecoming being a way for students to come together and have a great time as fellow tigers, it brought about a new aspect of how people are bonded together by a common thing or goal and that is to have fun and enjoy homecoming for not only the new freshmen on campus but also for the ones who have experienced homecoming before, but also was a scene for fights and shootings.

On October 17, there was an event held off-campus where students from all over from places such as Georgia Southern, Albany State, and other schools from all around came and had a great time until a fight had broken out among fraternities. The fight started as fraternities began their usual strolls as the music was blasting and were video recording, as they strolled continued, the Dj for the night stated,“Give each other some spaces while strolling" the Kappas and the Ques.

Savannah State campus was placed on immediate lockdown as students were checked coming on and off campus. Homecoming was the spark that the school need to bring a better light through this troubling time in America.

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