Africana Studies Club Host Mental Health Events

Africana Studies welcome everyone to participate in some stress-free events held Nov. 27-29. More than 11 percent of college students have been diagnosed or treated for anxiety in the past year and more than 10 percent reported being diagnosed or treated for depression. Africana Studies Club is aiming to take some of the stress off by hosting a three-day event focusing on relaxation and study methods.

Assistant Professor Christina Davis, adviser of Africana studies club, said, “We are in hopes to give those that participate some much-needed R&R, I Remember finals week when I was in school and the amount of stress, I would put on myself at the last minute. So, our events will be educational and fun”.

The Africana Studies Club will use the theme TLC to carry out this message of ‘Tender Love and Care’ as they promote self-care in the mental health world, teaching students’ methods to cope with and handle the struggle moments.

Simone Brown said, “The main focus of this event is the overall theme of mental health, but we also want to be inclusive to those that are not sure of what it is or how it works and to those just needing to take a load off.”

 DeErik Reed, member of the Africana Studies Club, said, “Has anyone stopped to ask you to take a break and just breath what would you do with that moment? This is a chance to give SSU students to develop new thought systems and skills when it comes to mental health”.

To name some events that will take place: Mental Health Bingo, Write and Release, a visual for the fallen victims of mental health, hot tea bar, and yoga. Events will be held in the Student Union Ballroom C.

All events students will be able to earn STRIPs in attendance

Stephenie Jekel, event coordinator, ask that if anyone is interested in offering suggestions of events that week that you feel free to contact her through her D2L email at

For more information look for event flyers or visit Christina Davis in the Social Science Building in Rm. 119

For more information on mental health contact campus counseling services located in King Frazier. All SSU student interested in arranging an appointment can call (912) 358-3129 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Walk-Ins are also welcome

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