On Feb. 25, the Savannah State University Collegiate, National Council of Negro Women Incorporated, hosted a free “Graphic Design Training” workshop in the University Village Rec Room.

The event, sponsored by the Georgia Shift, began at 5:30 p.m. and was filled with about 30 students that were interested in design theory. Georgia Shift is an organization that is known for empowering young people to make positive changes in their community by conducting different trainings in order to help strengthen designing skills.

On Feb. 2, the group has traveled to five universities, including SSU, launching its first “Why Not Us Tour” to inform students of the different fundamentals of graphic design and theory.

Ian Bridgeforth, the founder and executive director of the Georgia Shift, says that no other association engaged with their own organization on a personal level besides college organizations.

“Instead of waiting for someone, why not fight for the cause we believe in, run for office, or learn how to use visual communications to fight for the things we care about,” said Bridgeforth.

Bridgeforth presented some of the key concepts of graphic design to the group of students. These concepts included design platforms, typography, resolution and file types.

After the workshop, Bridgeforth expressed his appreciation to SSU NCNW Inc. and their positive use of social media while promoting the event.

“I think the event turned out great. Whenever I would get on Instagram, I would see so many posts of the flyer. I thought to myself, Savannah State really knows what they’re doing. I love to see people using visual communications to get a message across,” said Bridgeforth.

Marianna Mitchell, The president of SSU NCNW Inc. and a junior majoring in criminal justice, voiced her thoughts on the workshop as well.

“I think the event turned out very well. When our organization first posted the flyer, many journalism and mass communication students RSVP in advance. Ian Bridgeforth really appreciated us putting the event together. He just wanted to share the 'Why Not Us Tour' with everyone and get young people active in their community,” said Mitchell.

As the semester moves forward, Georgia Shift hopes to come back to SSU to offer more training to student in the future.

NCNW will present a week full of events for Women’s empowerment month on March 1 through March 7.

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