As we inch closer to yet another graduation, it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Students are often asked, “What’s next after graduation?” Some students have it all planned out and some students wish they knew the answer to that question. Some students stay in school a little while longer to get their Master’s, and or their Doctorate. Typically, students go back to their regular 9-5 summer job for a while and then start looking for jobs in their career fields.

The journey these past 4 years have been special for some and for others it has been like a rollercoaster. Students have had to endure assignment after assignment and exam after exam while taking 6 to 7 courses at the same, so for them to make it this far took a lot of dedication and it’s an awesome feeling knowing that all of that hard work and dedication is finally about to pay off.

When asked about her journey and what’s next, Dudly Severe, majoring in Biology said, “College definitely is what you make it. It’s important that you go in and focus on knowing what your end goal really is. My experience at Savannah State is one I wouldn’t want to exchange. I’ve met some of my favorite people and I was given the chance to study alongside and learn from people who look like me and I’ve been prepared for life after.”

Severe also stated, “It hasn’t been easy and there have been some downsides but that’s with everything in life. After graduation, I plan on taking the next step into pursuing my dream of being a chiropractor.”

This journey has not been easy for anyone who has walked across that stage but the journey to break generational curses no matter how tough it got was worth every minute of it.

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