Reverend Carl Gillard spoke on Thursday at the Martin Luther King Observance Day program. The theme of his speech was "Where do we go from here".

He started with where we have been. He said, "In 1968 Dr.King was really depressed. It was because he was being scrutinized by major african leaders for his stance on Vietnam and war in general". 

Reverend Gillard was able to speak on this because he had met people who knew Dr. King like his wife Coretta Scott King and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

He then went into how he'd died. Dr.King was wondering who was really with him at the time. Gillard said, He was still deep in depression. It was around the time he was staying at the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis, Tennessee. He was standing up for the poor people's campaign. Gillard then mentioned Dr. King talked with his parents about what was going to happen to him in Memphis. "Im about to go home" were the words Dr.King told his parents before his death,said Gillard.

Gillard said, the bullet that killed came from two directions. Also, that his best friend Reverend Ralph Abernathy was the only person that decided to take him to a hospital when Dr.King was shot. Which then led to Gillard saying "You can take the body of the man but you can't kill the dream"

Next was the topic of deleting the isms like racisms. He said, Which is still as relevant today as it was back in the 60s. Nepotism is another one he also mentioned that needs to be gone. 

Reverend Gillard also talked about the Georgia Southern University and Armstrong State University merger. "We have to fight for this institution because if we do nothing Savannah State University will be gone". He spoke to the students telling how they are the leaders will that help the world.

He ended his speech with a quote by Langston Hughes, "Hold fast to dreams, for if a dream dies. life is a broken winged bird that can not fly". 

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