SSU Homecoming

SSU Homecoming 2021

As homecoming approaches right around the corner, the students along with the faculty and staff are very excited. The week of homecoming consists of different events each day such as the residence hall step show, a concert, the football game, the yard fest and much more! One activity that everyone anticipates every year during this time is tailgating.

“I am excited to have tailgating back because I have only experienced it one time and also it is a way of getting back to normalcy,” said SSU senior Brianna Cleveland.   

Tailgating one of the cultural traditions that happens when you go to an HBCU. Tailgating is an exciting time because it is an opportunity alumni and current students to get to know each other and network all while having a good time.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, Covid-19 put a lot of restrictions on our every day lives which included tailgating during homecoming, due to social distance mandates. Many students did not get experience their first or last HBCU tailgate experience because of Covid-19.

However, this year as things are slowly trying to get back to normal, there has been a lot of talk from students, staff, and alumni about how they can’t wait to tailgate.

Tailgating this year will be one of the first times freshman students will be able to experience HBCU traditions.

“I am excited to experience my first college homecoming and tailgating is one of the events I look forward to,” stated freshman, Aisha Camara.

Tailgating is an experience where you get to eat good food, listen to great music, and share experiences with your friends and family. There are some alumni who make it to homecoming and tailgate every year and have been tailgating since their college days.

Homecoming at an HBCU is always a good time that comes with new experiences each year and tailgating is one of those events you will not want to miss.

To see the full schedule of events, visit Masks are encouraged while inside campus facilities and COVID protocols are in place for all events. The clear-bag policy will be in effect; only clear bags will be permitted inside of the stadium. For additional information about game day tickets and tailgating, visit   

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