Charisse Styles

Savannah State University has a rich history of dressing for success. The students are always polished and professionally dressed, especially on “Fried Chicken Wednesday".

"Fried Chicken Wednesday" is held every Wednesday in the university’s cafe where students not only get to socialize but have a delicious meal as well.

On Wednesday, Oct. 9, Savannah State had the honor of hosting local Savannah-based model, stylist, entrepreneur, and Savannah State alum Charisse Bruin (@charissestyles) as a guest speaker presenting a program called Edit Your Style.  

Bruin spoke on looking the part, dressing for success, and gave vital tips on professional dress. She was very knowledgeable of different styling options and provided the students with pictures that represented clients she has styled showcasing their personal style. Bruin gave the students an array of styling techniques, such as pairing the perfect blazer over a button-down. She touched on headshot readiness and the basic grooming standards for a professional headshot.

Her energy was very engaging with the students as she asked questions such as, “Do you care what people think about you?” This was a great question to put on the minds of the student body because so many college students deal with self identity issues. Charisse received great feedback during her Q&A segment and her responses really touched the hearts of the students. 

When SSU senior Dajour Simpson was asked whether or not he felt the presentation was effective he said, “This presentation was effective because of the fact that you have to represent yourself in a good light no matter where you go. It’s smart to know how to be dressed professionally and switch the code. Learn how to code switch, properly.” 

Bruin ended her presentation on a high note by opening the floor for questions and leaving the students with a positive attitude on professional dress.

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