Dr. Amir Jamal Toure

Dr. Amir Jamal Toure 

A Savannah State professor was honored with two distinctive awards by the state of Georgia.

  Amir Jamal Touré, an adjunct instructor in the Africana Studies program and owner of Day Clean Journeys tour company, was presented with the “Outstanding Georgia Citizen” award by the Georgia Secretary of State and the “Soldier of Justice award by the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus in February.

  Sen. Lester Jackson (D- Dist. 2) nominated Touré for the “Outstanding Georgia Citizen” award, which is given to citizens of Georgia who go above and beyond in their dedication to the well-being of the state.  

  For Touré, the honor is beyond him.

  “It was not about me,” he said. “It was about the ancestors and all of the work that our people have done, because I am just one of the machines…It was fitting because I am the voice of the ancestors, so as of now the ancestors are being acknowledged.”

 The “Soldier of Justice” award from the Black Caucus is given to those whom develop remedies for social and economic problems within their community on behalf of the state of Georgia.

  “I plant seeds. I also don’t have a problem with my voice,” Touré said. “If I see injustice, I am going to say something about it or do something to try to remove the injustice!”

  Watching Touré earn the accolades only fueled his students’ admiration for the professor.

  “When I walk on this campus, I know that I am surrounded by greatness,” said alum Christian Cooper. “He has always been supportive. He is a phenomenal leader on and off campus and outside of Savannah.”

  Brianna Turner, senior criminal justice major, said she met Touré while taking a course.

  “He encourages, uplifts, and protects me with everything in him! I’ve never had a father figure, but he filled that void,” she said.

  Jamal Hendrix, senior mass communications major, is also a mentee of Touré. Hendrix said, “He’s an outstanding professor from teaching the knowledge to even bringing the experience to life. Jamal Touré has installed me to become a mover and maker in which I can understand that I control my destiny in the works I put in with the people around me.”

  Hendrix said Touré has a way of inspiring people.  

  “I've never met someone who has worked so hard to enlighten people. He makes sure that everyone around him is good,” he said.

   Touré said he looks back on his time at Savannah State for people such as Hanes Walton Jr. Dem Piankhi, who were his professors when he attended the university.


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