The 69th Southern Regional Press Institute (SRPI) will take place at Savannah State University on February 20-21, 2020. This year’s theme is “Going Solo: Prepare to Do It All” with Jessica Sparks, assistant professor of the multimedia and journalism department, as institute director. Sparks says she attributes her high hopes for this year’s conference experience to Professor Novella Holmes for her guidance as well as other professionals who have reached out to participate in the event and looks forward to bringing life to the distinguished program. SRPI will also feature a new mobile app that will provide session times and the contact information of the media consultants in attendance at the conference. 

SRPI is nationally known and has hosted over 200 expert media specialists since its beginning in 1951; the conference focuses on professional development, networking, and training. The two-day event will host several workshops, a resume critiquing opportunity, a book signing by Wanda Lloyd, former editor of the Gannett Media Company and one of the first black women to run a major daily publication, as well an award ceremony in the student ballroom with special guest by Tina Tyrus-Shaw. 

“You can expect interesting conversation, hands on training, and networking with industry professionals. AlienWorx Media is just one of many participants in this year’s conference. Dress professionally and bring a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and a phone charger to keep up with the app schedule,” said Sparks. 

Savannah State students are free with registration; community members planning to attend will need to pay $35 per session with $50 per person for the concluding awards luncheon. Find out further information at

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