As the university prepares for the retirement of President Cheryl Dozier, Tiger's Roar asked students on campus what they thought about the legacy Dozier is leaving and what they would like to see in the next leader of Savannah State University.

Breonca Hurt

Breonca Hurt is a senior visual and performing arts major.

Breonca Hurt, senior, visual and performing arts major

“He should be very aware of what’s really going on and in touch with students instead of some popularity thing. That’s how I feel the president should be, family-oriented. Interact with students they don’t know to see what they can improve with the SGA system, that’s how I see it.”

Javin Rowe

Javin Rowe is a junior business management major.


Javin Rowe, junior, business management

“I wanna see them bring life back to campus a little bit more.”

Dayana Devalle

Dayana Devalle is a junior biology major.


Dayana Devalle, junior, biology 

“I think leadership, of course, should be passionate about the school, like they actually want to change it, genuinely, like they actually care about what’s going on instead of just wanting to do it for the title, or just because they want to say that they’re president of SSU. Compassionate and caring about the people here.”

Taneia Arthur

Taneia Arthur is a senior sociology major.


Taneia Arthur, senior, sociology 

“Friendly, outspoken, happy and truthful.”

Ziyana Height

Ziyana Height is a sophomore biology major.


Ziyana Height, sophomore, biology 

“I think the characteristics would be for our president should be great leadership, enthusiastic and I would say caring...I think she (Dr. Dozier) left a great legacy, when I saw her she was very interactive with the students.”

Joel Stacy

Joel Stacy is a senior criminal justice major. 

Joel Stacy, senior, criminal justice 

“I think that the person should be humble in receiving the position, but also keep in mind the’s not about the school itself, it’s about the students- making sure they have all that they need to be successful and actually go through the college process.”

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