Another semester is here in the Tiger’s Den of Savannah State University and the procedures of social distancing and wearing a mask are still enforced. It’s now February of the spring semester and the COVID-19 cases on campus have doubled from the fall semester. Making it the highest amount of cases on campus having up to 41 student cases as a whole from the weekly COVID Cases update that student receive via student email. While the cases on campus rise visitation are not prohibited having all back gates closed down.

Procedures are being made for deep cleaning, having only take-out food in King Frazier and the Student Union, and quarantining for two weeks if contracted the virus, and getting tested with anyone that may have had the virus. Fellow tigers have been troubled by the high rises of cases on top of going to their in-person classes that may be mandatory if on their schedule.

Jhakaela Lewis, a senior majoring in Visual Arts, said, “I really don’t see the reason as to why we are here if the cases are just going to keep rising. Students on this campus won’t take it seriously and will wild out however they please and suffer the consequences.”

The U.S. has more than 27.3 million confirmed coronavirus cases and 475,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University data. The global totals: More than 107.7 million cases and 2.36 million deaths. More than 65.9 million vaccine doses have been distributed in the U.S. and about 44.7 million have been administered, according to the CDC. Though there has been a slight trend downward in new reported cases some students still do not feel being in the classroom is safe.

Lewis continued, “Yes, we are still in a pandemic but, the school shouldn’t be open. This is all tied to money and the school makes money from the students to be here yet, here we are endangering our health to be here on top of people hiding that they have the virus and saying anything about it.”

Andrea Allen, a junior majoring in English, said,” I don’t stay on campus though I do tend to check my emails seeing the daily cases on campus. We really should not be on campus seeing how hard-headed people can be. I had a class that was canceled in person then moved online last minute.” Allen continued, “I do not believe that the school understands that some of us are commuting back and forth from campus online to see last-minute changes due to someone having the virus or inspection of deep cleaning. I know I can speak for myself but, it’s very frustrating.”

March is around the corner making it a year since the pandemic caused a nationwide shut down forcing businesses and schools to come to a close and many left to work and do schooling at home. Some students wonder if they are going to be sent back home again like they were last time. The motive is if the school can lower their number of cases of the virus there will not be a repeat of cutting the semester short.

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