On April 17, 2020 Savannah State University officially announced that Destinee Clark and Malachi Stewart would be the 83rd Miss Savannah State and the 5th Mr. Savannah State University.

The news was shared to students by the Director of Student Life, Desmond Stowe via Instagram live. Coming in with 573 votes, Destinee Clark was named Miss Savannah State University for the 2020 – 2021 academic school year. Coming in with 871 votes, Malachi Stewart was named Mr. Savannah State University for the 2020 – 2021 Academic School year. 

Both Stewart and Clark along with the student bodies newly elected SGA president, Khayree Hasan, shared a little insight on what their plans for the upcoming fall semester are. Some of these plans involve a program called “Restore SSU”, a campus beautification initiative. 

President Hasan said, “Along with restoring the flags, there are numerous places on campus that need to be restored. The signs at the front gate of campus need to be pressure washed, along with the Unity plot. The Unity Plot could also use a fresh coat of paint so that the colors are more vibrant. The plots could also use restoration.”  

The Mr. and Miss each stressed that programs such as the beautification initiative are important because they want to keep up the school’s image for students on campus as well as those who will potentially be enrolling at Savannah State University in the future.

Stewart furthers this point by explaining two changes he would like to see on and off campus. He said he would like to see “more students coming out of their room and seeing what our institution has to offer them" and that he would like to see more of the student body “going on more recruitment trips to show students that Savannah State cares about their students. If high school students see that college students care for them, enrollment will increase tremendously.”

Clark’s platform supports Stewart's statement since in her campaign she outlined that she wants to make an impact “not only in the state of Georgia but throughout the world”.

When asked exactly how she was going to make a global impact Clark answered, “My plan is to start a domino effect of empowerment. When I say global impact, it means that just by empowering my campus and the Savannah community each person will have the power to impact others. This will eventually expand throughout the state of Georgia and then onward throughout the world.“

Clark has already made moves toward her global outreach goal through use of social media, challenging students to show their Tiger Pride. Social media has also been a very useful tool for her as well as the other newly elected members of the royal court and SGA. This due to the COVID-19 virus forcing their campaign season to be almost 100% virtual for the time being. Clark however has been taking advantage of this and she advises students to “continue to focus on your academics and be sure to make sure you are taking the proper precautions to be academically successful. Next, I would say to please stay safe, healthy, and positive. Continue to use this time to relax and prepare for the upcoming semester.”

Hasan adds on to this by saying, “Covid-19 will have an influence in a positive way. Students are extremely eager to get back to Savannah State which will increase campus activity among the student body. We will no longer take for granted the days we spend at Savannah State. I think this virus has also given us time to think and plan our next moves as an administration. There will be a different type of energy when we return.” 

Another way they plan to keep this energy and momentum growing is by hopefully filling some of the empty positions on both the SGA staff and Royal court. For instance, Miss Senior was left empty but Clark said “With the position of Miss Senior not being filled this spring election we are hoping that there will be an opportunity for a young lady to be elected in the fall semester.”

Because of the delayed vote, students students who may have missed their opportunity to run for some of these student leadership positions may still have an opportunity to do so. However, Stewart does offer advice for anyone who is thinking about running for any of these unfilled positions or anyone who is thinking about becoming the next Mr. Savannah State.

Stewart said, “I advise you to be yourself and know that you're not alone in this journey. Be ready for anything that comes your way.”

The fall holds a lot of surprises for students once they return and the new group of elected officials are ready to work. 

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As SGA goes forward with its plans, I hope those students who commute to the campus from the city of Savannah as well as Chatham County won't be overlooked. It takes two, the students who live on campus and those who live off campus to make Savannah State University. When going out and interacting with high school students, let them see by the way you dress and the way you carry yourself that life at a university is not an extension of high school. Let high school students see that you acquire a trait as you go along in life called maturity. When I was growing up in the pre Y2K days, there was a saying which went like "girls mature faster than boys". I do not know what this is based on. Maybe something scientific. I hope a time is up ahead where there will be a connection between Savannah State and the city of Savannah again especially the Black community.

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