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Who is Delta Sigma Pi? Delta Sigma Pi is a coeducational expert business crew and one of the biggest in the US. Delta Sigma Pi was established on November 7, 1907, at the School of Trade, Records and Money of New York College in New York, New York, and is as of now settled in Oxford, Ohio. Delta Sigma Pi at Savannah State University hosted a virtual event that discussed everything that deals with “Diversity”.

What is diversity? Diversity is the nature of assorted or various societies, rather than monoculture, the worldwide monoculture, or homogenization of societies, much the same as social advancement. The expression of social variety can likewise allude to having various societies regard each other's disparities. Back in the 1960’s diversity in education started to release the everlasting racial tension between white and blacks. 

The fascinating year of 1964 is when the Civil Rights Act came into play. The Civil Rights Act strictly forbids separation based on race, shading, religion, sex, or public root. Arrangements of this social equality act prohibited segregation based on sex, just as, race in employing, advancing, and terminating. Fast forward to the 1990s where the United States stretched the focus onto the barriers in addition to all other identity groups. Barriers such as the Capacity contrast, ethnic, strict, gay, lesbian, and other perspectives started to show up in instruction and preparation. The Civil Rights Act has helped better the lives of many Americans. Social equality development profoundly influenced American culture. Among its most significant accomplishments were two significant social equality laws passed by Congress. These laws guaranteed established rights for African Americans and different minorities. 

“The worst part of racism is discrimination and prejudice.” - Shed Dawson. The Delta Sigma Pi Chapter at Savannah State University mostly values the upsides of expert turn of events, administration, and grant are gotten from our motivation and lead to our main goal of encouraging and supporting a long-lasting obligation to greatness in both our own and expert lives as we look to have an effect in the business, our networks, and the world on the loose. The Delta Sigma Pi Chapter at Savannah State University is very big on Diversity and Ethics. This chapter at Savannah State University was the United States' first co-ed business fraternity. So, this chapter accepts that people and associations profit from a wide scope of points of view. It is consequently, thus some more, that we develop a culture of regard that expands our perspectives and makes us more grounded and more successful pioneers in our fields. Our preparation and occasions center around cultivating regard by creating considered, sound moral norms that are comprehensive yet principled. 

Delta Sigma Pi gets ready business understudies for fruitful expert professions, yet in addition, imparts upsides of administration and principled authority that describe Deltasigs in all periods of life. The ideal individual from a part of Delta Sigma Pi is one who buys into the destinations of the Society, and, in this manner, will subordinate their own will and perspective to that of the lion's share. The sibling is lenient and thoughtful to the perspective of others. 

Delta Sigma Pi is the nation’s largest and first co-ed, professional business fraternity that encourages the personal and professional development of men and women pursuing careers in business. 

The Fraternity is one of the most diverse Greek organizations supporting scholastic, professional, and service events on campus and in communities. Delta Sigma Pi provides high-quality training and events to shape ethical leaders of tomorrow in business, communities, and the world at large. Delta Sigma P has grown from its founding at New York University in 1907 by four men of diverse faiths and backgrounds to an extensive network of more than 250 chapters and 275,000 members. To learn more about Delta Sigma Pi, visit


Wright Receives Highest Honor

Northwestern student will serve on Delta Sigma Pi’s Board of Directors

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