Popeyes Chicken

When Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen originally introduced its chicken sandwich no one expected it would be as popular as it was. A fierce competition emerged between the fried chicken chain and the popular Chick-Fil-A, which claims to to be "Home of the Original Chicken Sandwich". 

Popeyes restaurants were filled with customers all around the world and several videos went viral of the sandwich, including videos about fights over the food. Some people reported they waited over an hour just to order their sandwich.

The famed sandwich took a break, but is back as of Sunday.  

On Nov. 3, the drive thru lines and dining areas of Popeyes in the area were filled with customers. 

“I wasn’t able to get the sandwich the first time, but I was able to get it Sunday,” said Myles Johnson, a junior majoring in behavioral analysis. “It was good, I’m thinking bout going back to get the spicy one.”

Getting the chicken sandwich back on the menu has taken about two months, meaning Popeyes had to shore up its chicken supply.

“A lot of friends, family, and customers would always ask me when it was coming back,” said Dawn Simpson, an employee at the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen located on East Victory Drive. “It wasn’t until Monday of last week when I was able to tell people the date.”

“We are making sure we are more prepared this go round to make sure everyone is in and out but i’m not too sure how that’s going to work with the lines being extremely long,” Simpson added.

The sandwich is expected to be on the menu permanently, with hopes that it will not be sold out for two months as was the case the first time the sandwich was released.

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This sandwich got a whole lot of promotion when it was first rolled out. As I look at the picture, I feel no inclination to buy the product. Gosh that's a lot of crust.

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