SSU and SU

Dr. Valerie Trimarchi, President of South University (left) Kimberly Ballard-Washington J.D., President of Savannah State University (right) 

Savannah State University and South University have created a major merger and opportunity for the students at Savannah State University. The agreement was signed by both presidents of each university, Kimberly Ballard-Washington of Savannah State University and Dr. Valerie Trimarchi of South University. The signed partnership took place on Monday, November 1, at 10:30 am in the Science and Technology Center on the Savannah State campus. 

The merger has a created a new program introduced as the “3+3 Program”. Students at Savannah State University can earn a dual degree that allows students to obtain their Doctor of Pharmacy from South University and Bachelor of Science from Savannah State. Students can earn their four-year degree in Science at SSU and that will go towards their first year of their Pharmacy degree from SUSOP. 

Each president spoke on the new opportunity and what the moment meant to the students in the community.

“We are very proud to offer this at this time. It’s rigorous for the students, but very successful in getting them into the next step,” said Dr. Valerie Trimarchi. 

“It is for the betterment of our community, but also for the betterment of our students…This has given us a great opportunity to help them advance in their livelihoods,” said President Kimberly Ballard Washington. 

Prior to Monday, Savannah State did not have options available to obtain a medical degree. This option will be implemented on SSU’s campus beginning Fall 2022.

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