For decades now parents, teachers and even peers have all pressured teens to attend college. It has always been said that “attending college is very beneficial and vital to their future”. Those who have attended college inform them that college is a big milestone in which everyone can’t take on. Plenty of teenagers may start but don’t finish their college education for various reasons. However, no there is not too much pressure for teens to attend college because it exposes them to critical thinking and independence.

Critical thinking is vital to college students aspiring for good quality jobs rather than just a minimum wage job. Employers would prefer people who have critical thinking skills because they are great at problem-solving and thinking outside the box. With good critical thinking skills, they will be able to understand materials that are presented to one, rather than temporary memorization. It seems clear that this very question does not necessarily have one answer. Their thinking is a continual source of problems, preventing them from recognizing opportunities, keeping them from exerting energy where it will do the best, poisoning relationships, and leading them down blind alleys. By pursuing a college degree and critical thinking teens can increase the number of job opportunities and better networking.

“College compared to high school is different, but there are plenty of chances to be independent and learn values one will need in the real world” stated Knyla Ligginas, senior majoring in Business Marketing. In college, they are their own police when coming to social life and actual academic time, ones learning is at a different pace from others and carefree studying just will not work and is not acceptable. Teens learn how to become independent when they start managing their time according to their capabilities as well as finances, they must now make more realistic decisions on their own.

Teens should be pressured to attend college because it exposes them to critical thinking and independence. By attending a scholastic atmosphere, it could lead them to have a better chance of furthering their education and providing the job security they will need later in life. While there are several entry-level jobs available to people without a college, a person who has earned a degree will have more professional and promotional opportunities to a higher-level position.

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