Tiger Express

Tiger Express has been closed since August because of a broken air conditioner. 

CORRECTION: This story has been updated from its original to remove unverified information regarding the Starbucks in the Student Union. 

When the summer of 2019 ended, Savannah State students made their way back to campus, only to discover a closed Tiger Express. The express is a diner-style eating area behind the Science and Technology Center and Kennedy Fine Arts Building, where students can use their meal swipe besides the Student Union or King Frazier’s Cafe on campus. Tiger Express was closed due to the broken air conditioner. In a turn of events, the diner reopened on Jan. 13, just in time for the start of a new semester. 

On the first day of the Express’s opening, lines were spilling out the doors. Many students would describe Tiger Express as the best eating area on campus that is worth a meal swipe. However, freshman students did not get to experience Tiger Express last semester. 

“I think that Tiger Express, it has its days where it's the best. The [Student Union] is good competition and the Cafe is also good competition, especially on fried chicken Wednesdays,” said Eric Lockwood, a freshman at Savannah State.

Tiger Express’s menu is similar to the Union menu, only with milkshakes and the famous Tiger Classic, a breakfast combo that is served all day. The area is popular due to the diner building style and food freshness. Juniors and seniors, having known Tiger Express’s legacy before its sudden closure, realize the importance of Tiger Express to the Savannah State campus.

 “I personally love Tiger Express; I think it's a great option to have on campus. The [Student Union] can get boring and the Cafe don’t always be hitting,” said Reggie McCollum, a senior at Savannah State University. 

“I like Tiger Express. I think it's pretty cool because you get to modify meals. I also like the vibe of Tiger Express; it's much different from the Cafe or the [Student Union]. The Express is a much better option, in my opinion,” said Aleah Clinton, a sophomore at Savannah State. 

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