The beginning of the 2020 fall semester for students may be the most peculiar semester of them all. COVID-19 has changed the way we go about our daily college life’s. Universities and colleges around the nation have been partaking in class for over a month now from strictly online to partially in-person to keep students safe from the spread of COVID-19.

Savannah State University is one of the universities that have begun classes in person this fall have been taking precautions to keep students and faculty safe. The first step to keeping everyone safe is to follow a procedure set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC has issued a strict protocol for all university systems to follow to help prevent the spread. CDC mentions that faculty staffs must use a set of guidelines and should be trained on the protocol for the safety of everyone on the campus. At Savannah State University temperature is taken to enter the campus and your Identification is to be shown to the security guard.

Security guard, Fletcher, discussed what the process of coming on to campus is for everyone, “We are checking Student ID’s and for visitors, we are checking drivers license and if the iPad system is available we are using that as well … my self and my coworkers are doing our best to keep the campus safe”.

The thermometer that is used to take a temperature is the infrared forehead thermometer, which is contactless and recommended by the CDC. To use this thermometer, you simply place close to the person's head until it reads a temperature. You are also required to wear a mask when the temperature is taken, and so are the security guards on duty. gloves are worn by the security to protect not only the students themselves as well from the spread of the COVID-19.

This goes on all day long and continues as the night comes along. Temperature checks are not only implemented at the point of entry onto campus but also upon entry into dining halls. In both King Frazier and the Student Union, there are now stations where you get your temperature checked to enter the building.

When a result of the temperature check comes back as a too high student or staff is immediately turned away and is not allow entry on the campus. At this point in the semester, everyone has been working very diligently to keep the spread of COVID-19 down so we can have a great semester. By continuing to follow the protocol set by the CDC we can finish this semester off strong.

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