Karissa Grace Tatum passed away on Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2019 in a lethal car crash. She was a volleyball athlete at Savannah State and a junior classman of the Mass Communications department. 

On Monday, Sept. 9, Savannah State students and faculty gathered at the academic quad between the library and sciences & technology building in her honor.

Hearts were heavy that evening as members of the university spoke of their good memories and experiences shared with Tatum. Her smile, good-nature, and outgoing personality ranged through the reflections given that night, and the biggest message given was ‘Gone, but never forgotten’.

“She was a fellow athlete and a good friend to everyone.” said 19-year-old sophomore, Foday Tarawally. “I’ll always remember her for her kindness. She was one of the sweetest people.”

Fellow junior classman D’mario Woods said, “On Fridays we would have open gym and play volleyball with her and the team. She was so warm hearted and always had this positive vibe about herself. You could talk to her about anything and she would be there to listen. It’s still so hard to believe. We’ll miss her.”

Another fellow junior, 20-year-old Gerald Woodridge also gave his condolences. “She was a motivator, she was someone I could go and talk to when things were hard. I knew her for 2 years. It’s really difficult to cope with. The next time I saw her, I wanted to tell her to have a good season. 

21-year old-senior, Tacoionia Nash was her C.A. (Community Assistant) when she first moved into Tiger Court. “Ever since her freshman year, she always had a smile on her face. She was a very loving person. Her roommates, friends, especially the volleyball team I know are taking it very hard. They were her family.” Miss Nash continued, “If I could tell her family one thing, it would be to keep their heads up.”

Savannah State University will miss her greatly, and she will forever be a Tiger. 

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