Graduation Spring 2019

Shay Chatman having received her diploma.

For many this semester is a dream come true and the beginning of a new chapter. On Saturday, December 14, SSU will hold its 195th undergraduate commencement ceremony in the university’s Tiger Arena at approximately 8:30a.m.

Two hundred and fifty students will receive their bachelors and associate degrees. Though their journeys have not been the easiest, they have each persevered and reached their goal.

Senior homeland security major, Shawn Bailey said, “My journey has been eventful and intriguing, and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders to be a first-generation college student and to graduate with Magnum Cum Laude. Regardless the ups and downs, I remained focused and beat the odds."

The end goal for each student was graduation, but each graduate has their own unique story in regard to their journey towards graduation. The long nights of studying, tears shed, and many other obstacles these students have faced throughout college have molded them to be the individuals they are today.

Senior math education major, Gabrielle Sams says, “To be graduating is so surreal, but my journey was one of a kind. I’m proud of my entire graduating class and everyone who is pushing through and trying to be successful, and I feel like the long nights, bad days, and good times have all paid off."

The undergraduate commencement address will be given by Pearl K. Dowe, Ph.D., a graduate of SSU, class of 1994. Dowe graduated from Savannah State with a bachelors degree in political science, now acting as a political science and African American studies professor with a joint appointment between Oxford College and Emory College of Arts and Sciences. She will be serving as the Asa Griggs Candler Professor in 2020 as the co-editor of the National Review of Black Politics and a member of the editorial boards of the Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy and the Race, Gender & Class Journal. 

The motto “You can get anywhere from here” is in fact a true statement and Dr. Dowe has exemplified that.

“The road to success is paved with good intentions whether or not they always pan out that way, the journey is all about experiencing what life has in store for you good or bad," said senior criminal justice major, Dominique Keith.  

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