On April 12, 2020, the modeling troupe organization Savage Inc. kicked off their annual savage week, this time virtually. The purpose of this event was for the organization to keep the campus engaged with their organization while providing students with entertainment during their quarantine.

This event lasted for one week and participants were encouraged to tag the organization with the hashtags #SIM, #SSU, and #SavageVirtualWeek as well as other theme specific hashtags. The Savage, Inc. models are a group of individuals who explore their minds through pushing creative boundaries and out of the box imagery by showcasing runway and print modeling.

Virtual Savage Week was created by e-board member Que Williams. The event theme was SavageTVStick, which was inspired after Amazon’s streaming device, Fires TV Stick. The events and challenges from April 12 to the 17 were based around classic African American television shows and movies such as “Grown-ish”, “Friday”, “Poetic Justice”, etc. 

The first event on Sunday was entitled “hbcu-ish” and the challenge was for individuals to rock their favorite SSU apparel and walk the “runway” hashtagging all photos #hbcuish. Monday was inspired by the 2006 film “The Pursuit of Happyness” where the organization promoted several businesses owned by student entrepreneurs. Tuesday’s event was inspired by the film 2006 “ATL” where students were challenged to “rep where they are from” by dancing to a native dance on the social media platform Tik-Tok. Wednesday was a dance battle between Savage, Inc. and fellow modeling troupe Lethal Allure or L.A inspired by the 2004 hit film “You Got Served”. Students were able to vote on which organization won each round. Thursday’s event was inspired by the 1990 film “Poetic Justice” starring late hip hop artist Tupac Shakur and the multitalented Janet Jackson. The models asked students to share their favorite poems and quotes from the film in order to spread love, hope, and inspiration. To wrap up Virtual Savage Week, Friday’s event was inspired by the movie franchise “Friday” by rapper Ice Cube and DJ Pooh. SSU Students were tasked to post their “flyest drip” or outfit to spark self-confidence in the student body.

Savage Inc. member and sophomore Daijah Guns said, “My favorite part of Savage Virtual Week was seeing people who are not a part of the organization having fun and participating along with us.”

According to the organization’s president Takira Williams, “You can always expect new and refreshing content coming from us. We strive to stay in competition with ourselves and always going above and beyond the bar that’s set.”

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