Attending college is a decision that students have created as a milestone, but often it is said that the work starts in applying for the degree.Throughout college, students are taught curriculum in fundamentals for whichever degree they chose to study.

While in college many students internationally are required to take an internship course where they are working in a field-related job, if successful the student may be offered a job. The likelihood for many students obtaining that job varies upon internship, as well as the career field.

Here at Savannah State University, students are required to complete an internship course in hopes to gain work-related knowledge, skillsets, as well as experience. Often students gain insight into required duties for potential jobs, as well as build connections for future references.

Upon graduating, the challenge is finding employment that best suits your degree or a job about personal preference of employment. A way to start this process before graduation is branding.

Branding consists of targeting specific areas that each student should highlight to potential jobs, as well as for entrepreneur purposes. Start by making business cards: list three good contacts e.g. social media, phone numbers, as well as a reachable email.

Secondly, having an updated resume. A resume gives potential jobs an insight into your experience. The accuracy in a resume could be what starts the interview process.

For current Savannah State students, using the resource Smarthinking 2 can be retrieved through Desire 2 Learn, D2L, where a resume can be submitted for review for editing.

Having a second opinion can be a great way to highlight mistakes missed.

Both branding and a resume will help create a view for candidacy, but once the interview is set a great way to practice for an interview can be by having a rehearsal.

With apps now creating content just fingertips away, Apple users can download Job Interview Prep Questions by Vinh Tran for help. For the Google Play student, Interview Questions and Answers by Eternal Apps can be downloaded for assistance. With both applications having four-plus star ratings, students at Savannah State University are just one step closer to building a career.

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