Grand Theft Auto LA (Photo)

Grand Theft Auto LA (Photo)

On November 16, 2022 Lethal Allure Nation modeling organization hosted a show celebrating their eleventh year being on Savannah State University’s campus. The show was called Grand Theft Auto LA.

The show was themes after the Grand Theft Auto video game that many students love today. Each scene previewed a multitude of characters and their lifestyles that can be played on the game. The main characters of the show were Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

"“his fashion show was emotional for me," said Keana Lindsay, Vice President of Lethal Allure Nation.

The show was creative by adding the models style and walk on the runway. There was also acting involved to ensure that the audience was able to understand the characters and their surroundings. One scene from the Grand Theft Auto game was the famous beach scene. The models of Lethal Allure Nation appeared in bathing suit material.

“I can’t believe this is my last show and this was the first organization that I joined on Savannah State University campus," said Lindsay.

The fashion show ended with the graduating seniors leaving a few remarks on how impactful the modeling organization was for the confidence they have developed.

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