Un Perro Andaluz

Savannah State University is celebrating Hispanic heritage month. On Sept. 24, the film Un Perro Andaluz (An Andalusian Dog) was shown in Payne Hall on campus. 

The film is a silent black and white short film released in 1929 by Spanish director Luis Buñuel.  Buñuel is a surrealist filmmaker and strives to re-define human awareness of reality. Surrealism is an art movement that was formed to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, by twisting or reinventing reality. Expressionism is projecting something beyond the real world, projecting beyond reality.  

The film takes you on a wild journey of a man and young woman and covers a variety of topics such as violence against women. 

When asked why was this film chosen for celebrating Hispanic heritage, foreign language Professor Susana Hernandez said, “Un Perro Andaluz is one of my favorite films, and it captures surrealism perfectly. This film is timeless.” 

The students in attendance seemed to be intrigued by the film. 

“It was weird,” said sophomore Daniel Daye. 

Another sophomore Lady Volmar said, “This is my second time seeing 'Un Perro Andaluz' and it remains confusing to me.”   

Because of the surrealism of the film, audiences are inclined to be overwhelmed while trying to follow along. 

There are more films to be shown for Hispanic Heritage Month if you would like to attend. The films are shown every Tuesday at 4 p.m. in Payne Hall Room 101 from now until Oct. 15.  

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