The continued 5 session event, Tigers Protect The Den: A Series of Campus Forums to Support COVID-19 Safety and Precautions, Dr. Macy Young continued to bring students and faculty together under the Gazebo, to continue the discussion of Covid-19 and how students and faculty can fight against it. On Wednesday, September 15, 2021 the topic was: Planning and Mitigation: "Why are masking and social distancing essential and what are the consequences when we fail to act?" The event started at 2:00pm EST.

Masking and social distancing is very important. Mayor Van Johnson and Dr. Nodang talked to the students and faculty about mitigation strategies. Johnson and Nodang gave basic knowledge about the importance of the vaccination, especially when people of color are dying more.

Savannah was the first city in Georgia to issue a mask mandate, even though at first it got us in trouble with the government. The statistics say that citizens that are 65 and over are the ones getting vaccinated and not getting sick, but the ones that aren’t getting vaccinated and getting sick, are younger.

“Masks are not holding us back, it is giving us freedom.” said Mayor Van Johnson.

Wearing masks, whether vaccinated or not, allow citizens to go places comfortably. While wearing masks and going to public places, it is still important to maintain social distance. The purpose of social distance is to keep people who are well and those who are sick from coming into close contact.

The transmission of the virus from person to person, the spread of COVID-19 in general, is slowed as a result of masking wearing and social distance regulations. Hospitals are becoming overburdened; therefore the mask mandate helps tremendously so that doctors and nurse can manage their resources better to treat infected people.

The main purpose of mitigation is to avoid major human intervention with the climate system and stabilize greenhouse gas levels in a time frame that allows ecosystems to adjust to climate change naturally. This ensures that food production is not jeopardized and allows for sustainable economic development.

Without following these guidelines given by the mayor and professor, many more people are at risk. If an individual is not vaccinated, is highly suggested that a mask is wore for all precautions.

If an individual becomes infected with Covid, they cannot get the vaccine, and will have to wait until they recover before they are eligible for it. Everyone must do their part and practice mitigation and social distancing. 

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