On Sunday, Oct. 20, Savannah State ignited homecoming week with a blaze.
The Campus Activities Board (CAB) held its Silent Blue Flames event between the Payne parking lot and the Placentia Canal on the first day of Homecoming Week.
The bonfire event began at 8 p.m., but students were lining up for admission
an hour before. Students were given headphones while attending the bonfire. Participants in the crowd could choose one of three DJ’s. Each DJ was given a color- blue, green, or red. The DJ with the most listeners would be declared the winner of the silent bonfire.
SSU students enjoyed hours of entertainment and food while bringing in the start of Homecoming Week.
Co founder of Live Life Headphones, Jaun Moore, is an alum of Savannah
State and has returned every year since graduation for Homecoming to show his Tiger pride.
“I was here for grad school actually. I pay homage to Savannah State because of the things I learned here. As a black man, there are things I’ve learned here that I know I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. I think that’s what makes HBCU’s stand out the most for me,” Moore said.
“I became so involved with the community while in school that people began to think I was from Savannah. I’ve made life-long friendships here. It’s all about the relationships you build. I’ve also made connections to other HBCU’s by way of Savannah State," he said.
Moore also said he plans to build a scholarship fund specifically for the university.
“I want to make this an annual fund for the school. I want to give back the same opportunity someone decided to give me," he said.
Bruno Hamilton, another alum from SSU also gave his input on his Tiger pride. “I graduated here in 2016 and this still feels like home for me. Homecoming is like a big family reunion. You get to see people you haven’t seen in a while, you get to parlay for the week really, especially if you’re alumni," he said. "Years of hard work and dedication are shown specifically during this week and the payoff of it all is coming together to bask in the afterglow. It’s still amazing to me to come on campus and be like, wow, the urge to go to class still hits me.”
Nalani Burch, a sophomore who also attended the event, said, “Since I’ve been here, I always look forward to going to this particular event. It’s funny to watch others dance along to the music and sing off key lyrics to whatever song a DJ is currently bopping in their eyes. Seriously, take the headphones off for a few seconds and just watch the crowd. It’s one of the most funniest
She added, “Homecoming week is the best time to show pride to the school, I think a lot of history comes out about the school during this time, and I like seeing the generations of graduates before us come out and participate with us."

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