Savannah State University continues its efforts to prepare students, as well as alumni, that are seeking employment by hosting its annual Fall Career Fair on Wednesday, October 16th.

The career fair will be organized by the university’s career services department. The event will be scheduled from 11am to 3pm in Tiger Arena.

There will be approximately 50 vendors at this year’s career fair. The event is for all majors. The cost of attendance is free to all students and alumni, however, there is a dress code. All participants must dress in professional attire in order to gain entrance. The department of career services is working with professor to make sure that students get class credit, if the event interferes with student’s class time.

Jordan Riles, career development specialist, encourages students of all classifications to attend. She said, “It is imperative for Juniors and Seniors to get there, but it is good networking practice for Freshman and Sophomores.”

In a recent interview Riles said “For students that rarely hear about jobs and internships opportunities, they are coming to you! So, it is convenient. It builds professional readiness, and you’re able to put all your professional skills into action.”

“In recent evaluations from the vendors who usually come, they often say that they are looking for students that dress professionally and suggest that students should work on interviewing skills.” She continues to say, “Students should bring copies of their resumes and that business cards would be a plus, a good way to start branding yourself.”

The career services department offers one on one appointments and follow-ups. They also host resume workshops, career assessments and set up information tables for students that would like to learn more about the department and what they offer. The department has a career task force that is comprised up of the department chair of each college, here at Savannah State University. So, it is easier to get information to professors, so that they can relate the information to the students.

Also, Handshake is an important resource that career services highlights. Riles said, “Everyone should have one! It is an online portal that gives students access to jobs, internships and profiles that connects you with potential employers.”

Shaunce Riley, director of career services, said “Students should be excited about the career fair, this is the opportunity where employers are coming to our campus seeking interns and employees. It is also a way to build your network.”

Riles and Riley encourage students to come by their office, located in the Student Union and to listen out for up-coming events and programs. Career services will be hosting a dress for success event on October 9. To prepare student for the up-coming career fair on Wednesday, October 16.

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