With football season being back this fall, everyone has been excited to see our Tigers back in action. Each week faculty, staff, students, family, and friends pack the T.A. Wright Stadium out to see the football team dominate the field. 

Every Saturday the Tigers have been crushing every opponent they come across in the SIAC division and have been on a winning streak ever since.

Just last week during homecoming, the Savannah State Tigers defeated the Clark Atlanta Panthers taking home yet another win with a score of 49-14.  

The biggest game of the season has finally arrived as we are about to take on our biggest rivals—The Albany State Rams, on their home turf. The football players have been anxiously waiting for this specific game and so have the fans.

There has been so much anticipation built up because, not only have the Savannah State Tigers been on a winning streak with a conference record of 4-0, but so have the Rams who are following close behind with a conference record of 3-0.

Each morning, the coaches work and train their team in order to achieve their fullest potential. When asked what plan do they have in order to succeed, quarterback JT Hartage stated, “we plan to just go out there and do what the coaches tell us to do and execute it.”  

As the Tigers crush their opponent week after week, some fans wonder after they watch “film” from previous games do they ever switch anything up or have specific plays for certain teams. “We are just going to keep doing the same thing by treating this opponent like everyone else”, said running back Einaj Carter, when asked how are they going to prepare to take on the rams. 

The Saturday night lights are what everyone looks forward to, especially when you have a team like The Savannah State Tigers bringing home a win back-to-back each weekend. Claw down Tigers!! 

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