The Tiger Family has done it again! The students, alumni, staff, and participants of Savannah State’s Homecoming have shown us that homecoming could still be achieved successfully virtually for the safety of everyone. None of us could have expected a virtual homecoming but with COVID-19 still lingering among us, health is the main priority.

The practice of safe social distancing is the only way to fully ensure the safety of those partaking in the festivities, hence the reason for virtual events. Just like any other homecoming the events were promoted heavily on the University’s social media platforms and anticipated. The virtual events have been hosted using the platform of Facebook Live. Yes, you read that right Facebook.

Though the platform is ancient history to some it has proven to be convenient for the practice of social distancing while having some fun. The virtual concert held on Facebook Live began at 8:00 pm Saturday, October 17, 2020, and lasted close to an hour. It was a show you would not want to miss. The concert was phenomenal and attracted more guests than expected for a virtual concert. Viewers got a chance to enjoy some very good music from a proclaimed artist from their very own homes. It does not get any more convenient than enjoying some melodious tunes live from any location of their choice. Mr. Anthony David was sure to encourage the viewers to donate to the HBCU.The few songs performed were truly captivating.

“I have a nephew in his first year… so let’s make sure he has a school to go to”, said David. Anthony David is a Grammy Award-Winning singer and songwriter born here in Savannah, GA. David is most known for his 2006 duet with India Arie. Though born in Savannah Anthony David relocated to Atlanta, GA to pursue his passion for music. David’s passion for music is evident in his vocals and his ability to master the guitar. 

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