Throughout American history, there has always been a struggle with unification of one another; one in particular involves multiple ethnic groups. There is this sense of power struggle that if one group doesn’t have the power over the other, then there is a problem. It takes place from taking over land that is already inhabited to building a wall to separate us.
The wall is supposedly a way of helping us, the American citizens. Now I ask honestly: How? How is dividing ourselves from another country helping us? The quote, “Make America Great Again” and then allow this to proceed is thoroughly hypocritical. This behavior is telling an entire country that we do NOT support them, their traditions, their lifestyle and most importantly, their humanity.
The more disheartening fact is the extremely irrational deportation of civilians who have spent almost their entire lives here. By pitching this discriminatory hate towards an entire group of people, it has given some people the audacity to believe that they can speak to and control others. Videos have surfaced on multiple accounts in the last few years, which suggests how much hatred is really within the United States such as people screaming loudly at others “I am an American Citizen”, believing they can discriminate against others.
The Pledge of Allegiance says “For Liberty and Justice for All”,  but those who are so “American” are going against what they praise so well. The National Anthem states “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave,” the most important statement in the entire song. To negatively shun, shame, and disrespect a group of people who are trying to be a part of what America boasts about—freedom and liberty and justice—is hypocritical beyond comparison and shows other countries how ignorant we are as a country.
How can we fight for unity and deny those who want to unify with us? 

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