Covering Savannah State University Athletics has been an honor and amazing opportunity for me. Meeting and interviewing coaches and players and forming friendships has made me feel comfortable along my journey through the university and in my degree.

Not only did I learn about players and coaches, but I also learned about work ethic. When I found out I had been chosen as sports editor, I didn’t think I was qualified because I didn’t have a lot of experience writing and covering sports. I am a former athlete here and I have a strong passion for sports, and I want my career to be surrounded by it. More importantly, I had to get out of my comfort zone.

Taking photos at football games and analyzing basketball strategy helped me to understand the all-encompassing needs of sports reporting.

I have attended a few softball and baseball games. My favorite part was hearing the chants, especially by our Lady Tigers, to motivate their team. Seeing the pitcher and how fast they throw the ball to the opponent is mind-blowing.

However, I learned so much by watching and reporting on the less-publicized sports at Savannah State.  

I only had the chance to attend a few volleyball games, but that is one sport I wanted to learn more about. Watching our Lady Tigers, I observed they had to be quick on their feet. I noticed the team captain leadership qualities that kept the players motivated.

This was the first semester I attended a track and field meet. Through this I saw how much work it takes to prepare for a meet and set up equipment for the various events that take place.

I enjoyed watching our Lady Tigers tennis team compete in their tournaments, as well. Everytime I watch tennis I think of Venus and Serena Williams so it is always fun to watch.  

Finally, my true love is golf. This is the sport I played when I started at Savannah State, and it’s still fun to hit the green and play my best round ever. My experience in collegiate sports was the best of my lifetime, and it spoke volumes to have accomplished one of my dreams. For that, I am truly grateful.

In the sports reporting business, I have learned that I cannot sit back and hope a player will come up to me. I have to go out and get to them myself. I had to prepare and research to do this job well, and the more I did, the better I got at it.   

It started turning from a nerve-wracking job to an enjoyable one. The best parts about covering sports were when we would play big rivalry schools. I would always get first hand action on everything. I was grateful to have a team to help me along my way. I have had people to teach me, and I have helped to pass that knowledge to more reporters.    

Though everything wasn’t always easy or simple, I had to learn to stumble, bounce back and learn from my mistakes. Of course, there are things I wish I could have done differently in my position as sports editor, but I was thankful for the opportunity.    

After all the experiences I’ve had in and reporting on the Athletics Department, I can say that our Tigers work hard and are fully dedicated to improving their craft. The athletics and coaches are fully committed and ready to put SSU back on the map.

As I transition into my career, I want to thank the Savannah State Athletics department and Savannah State University for making my college career one to remember.  


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