No matter your classification, you should be continuously preparing yourself for life after graduation. It may seem as though senior year is far away, but ask any graduating senior and express how quickly it creeps up on you and that you want to be prepared beforehand.

Trying to juggle organizations, senior level classes, graduate school applications or job applications, working, plus trying to enjoy your last year of undergrad can be overwhelming. I spoke with some seniors here at Savannah State to see if they had any helpful suggestions.

Business Management ,senior, Kaiti Morris, says that she began  her search for careers the summer before her senior year started. This helped her cut down on stress and pick a target market to work for.

Biology, senior, Damion Porter, said “A way to make senior year a less stressful year, is to already have in mind what schools you want to attend and know all the requirements for acceptance by the end of your junior year.

The summer before you start your senior year, start working on your essays, recommendation letters, and building up your resume so when it’s time to start applying, you’ll already be prepared and all you have to do is send everything off.”

Business Marketing senior, Kayla Hunt, said “Make sure not to sign up for too many things. Senior year involves a lot of off campus commitment so don’t overwhelm yourself with things on campus.” 

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