On March 11, the highly anticipated third season of the hit Netflix series “On My Block” was released. Now if you don’t remember, Season two ended with the four main characters being kidnapped. The cliff hanger had fans wanting season three as soon as possible. 

   Season three began with the question everyone wanted answered, “Who kidnapped Monse, Ruby, Caesar, and Jamal?” As it turns out, the head of The Santos gang was the kidnapper. The female leader of the notorious street gang had heard how the four teenagers found the Roller World money, had it cleaned, only to switch the money with stolen money to have her rivals The Prophets gang arrested. These teenagers were able to do all of that, so she enlisted them to help her find little Ricky, the love of her life, who was allegedly dead. Monse wanted nothing to do with her friends anymore after what had transpired between the group in the previous seasons, though when she gets a surprising visit from the head of the Santos, she threatens Monse’s life. The four teens with the help of Jazmine set off on the huge search to find little Ricky. 

   Now I’m not going to explain how that part of the story ends, but the season did end with Monse leaving for her all girls’ boarding school, making her friends promise her that nothing would change between them. The show skips ahead two years to Jamal, who is known to hate football, talking and laughing with football players. He makes eye contact with Ruby, walking with his girlfriend Jazmine. The two break eye contact as quickly as they make it, which viewers would find odd as Jamal and Ruby were once best friends. Jamal was shown to previously have a strong friendship with Ruby’s grandmother. 

   The plot thickens when Caesar, younger brother of Oscar, finds himself right under Cuchillios, the leader of the Santos. In the past two years, Oscar had since retired and went to find a wife to get out of the gang life. Now that a position was open for a leader of the Santos, Caesar said he was adamant about not becoming the Santos gang head. 

   The part that really wrapped it up was a scene in which Monse is shown getting ready to watch a movie with her new friends from school. The camera pans to her nightstand photos, revealing pictures of her dad, siblings, and new friends displayed in the front, while the photo of her with her old friends sit in the back, barely in view. 

   This is not the way fans wanted the season to end, but it is honestly realistic. The four friends were close for years, and now it seems as if their friendship were nonexistent. Many of us have experienced the same thing. We leave middle school or high school, and no longer speak to those we once called friends. It’s heart-breaking, because it’s something you never see coming. Yet, it makes for content in “On My Block” that leaves fans wanting more. 

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