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Full-page (10.05 in x 10.68 in): $200

Horizontal Half-page (5.025 in x 10.68 in): $125

Vertical Half-page (10.68 in x 5.025 in): $125

Quarter-page (5.023 in x 5.34 in): $75

** No front-page ads. Back-page ads will be an extra fee, and depend on editorial space needs.


Classified text-only: $25 for 30 words for a month

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  • Spot A: $125/month
  • Spot B: $75/month
  • Spot C: $125/month
  • Spot D: $75/month
  • Spot F: $125/month
  • Spot G: $125/month
  • Spot H: $75/month

Story Pages

All spots above available

In-story Ad: $125/month

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30-second commercial premade: $200

- includes airing on Tiger’s Roar TV and before videos on


Weekly email newsletter: $250/ 2 months

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