“It’s just a matter of us keeping our composure and staying in control of our emotions," said Coach Cedric Baker when asked about the message given to the players after being down 35 to 25 at halftime. “The crowd played a major role in the win by keeping the energy going." 

Guard Lauren Moss lead the team in scoring with 16 points, while shooting 50 perfect from the field.

“I try to focus more and let the game come to me," said Moss when asked about her performance. “The last couple of games, I was rushing my shot and thinking about it too much. So this time, I really try to focus on playing within myself, slowing down, and staying in the game."

“I definitely think my momentum will carry into next game. The whole focus was carrying our game against Norfolk from the second half into this game. We want to continue our momentum into next game and also execute," added Moss.

Guard Lauryn Fields was a spark plug off the bench and also a floor general as well, scoring 6 points.

“I just wanted to play my role. My teammates encouraged me to shoot when I’m open which gave me the confidence to do so. Today was the perfect time, I hit shots when we needed it and as long as we’re taking care of the ball, we should be fine," said Fields when asked about her mindset going into the game.

“I felt like this was a good win for us, and feel like our momentum will carry into the next game," said Fields.

“ I think if we stick to the game plan and execute, our momentum will carry into next game," said Baker as the Tigers will play an away game against South Carolina State University on Jan. 16 at 5:30 p.m.

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