Savannah State University Tigers

Coach Carlton Hardy is leading the Savannah State baseball team to an even higher standard of excellence. 

Hardy said his expectation for this semester is focused on SSU’s representation of the student population. 

“We want to represent Savannah State University, the community and our program to the highest of our capabilities. I am excited about the upcoming season,” said the coach. 

The team is hoping to secure a championship win as they prepare to compete in the SIAC conference against difficult competition. 

Regarding his team expectations, Hardy says “Every season is a challenge and it’s an exciting challenge for us. We look forward to the challenge and we will all work everyday to ensure we are a model group for the community at large.”

As a new season approaches, some changes are inevitable. Players will graduate, and others may transfer. Because of that, Coach Hardy plans to undertake an extensive recruiting process to suffice the needs of the team and the goals he has in mind for the baseball program. 

“There was an adjustment period transitioning from division 1 to division 2, however I believe that the young men we were able to bring in have provided a good mix and influx of energy,” said Hardy. 

The Tigers will welcome Brewton-Parker College on February 4 as the season opening challenger. 

Hardy said, “Every team that we have on our schedule will be a challenge for us. Our biggest opponent is ourselves, so we work everyday to be the best that we can be and that we are always playing against ourselves.” 

The team has a string of home games that run from February 21st-March 22nd and looking to improve their record from last season’s campaign.

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