Saturday was an eventful day as the Savannah State Tigers celebrated their 2018 Homecoming by beating Norfolk State University 32-3. A crowd of 7,812 fans showed up and showed out in support of the Tigers!

To kick off the first half, with a 1 yard touchdown by Rashad Saxton, along with SSU Giovanni kick for the first three extra points to give the Tigers a boost of 7-0. Saxton Touchdown capped a 10 yard play,52 yard that drive that took off 4;23 off the game clock. Early in the second quarter, Norfolk State cut it to 7-3 on Josh Nardones 31 yard field goal. The Tigers followed up with a touchdown on its possession . For a 20 yard gain, from  SSU's McCloud to Norfolk's 45 line. For a hit of bounds, the Spartans were penalized 15 yards out of bounds, setting up first and 10 for the Tigers at Norfolk State yard line. To keep the game going Gibbons ran for 8 yards, and Mccloud followed  up with a 6 yard run. Before the half with 10;20 left, the 10 yard run from Gibbons, to Norfolk State 3 yard line and touchdown to Snead in the back of the end zone,that made it 14-3. The Tigers, eight-play scoring drive covered 65 yards and took to 4:23 to complete. Big thanks to Lugo for his kick with only 4 seconds left before the ha;f that made it 17-3. Lugo's kicked came after Norfolk's  called two consecutive timeouts, in efforts to fustrate him. Malik Simons with his second interception throw from Norfolk's  State Carter, in the third quarter, with only 1:38 left. Two plays later SSU Gibbons threw a 22 yard touchdown pass to McCloud to make it 24-3. SSU Donald Rutledge, recovered a fumble by Norfolk State Carter, with 9;36 to play in the fourth quarter. SSU's McCloud ran for a 1 yard touchdown  six plays later, being his second score of the game to make it 30-3. Later SSU's Cam Brown came down with the ball giving the Tigers a 32-2 lead.

Malik Simmons was later named Defensive player of the week.

Interesting Game Stats:

The tigers limited Norfolk States to 206 yards of total l offense en route to a 32-3 victory over Norfolk State.

SSU finished the game with 293 yards on 54 carries, against Norfolk's State 97 yards and 28 carries.

SSU Walter Yates made a team high of 10 tackles, along with John Wilson who added seven tackles for the Tigers.

"We feel like we play our best when we run the ball and play good defense," Raeburn said. "We felt like we played great rush defense. I haven't looked at the stats. I don't know how many they had. It wasn't many. And we ran the ball really well." Coach Raeburn

After the win we did a Q & A with 3 of the players.

Walter Yates (Linebacker)

Q: Securing the Win for Homecoming how was that?

A: "Great! That was out only goal this week. Homecoming is not fun unless you win the game. We capitalized and won on that."

Q: Who inspires you?

A: 'My parents playing for them, and God especially, for giving me the talent and ability to do this every Saturday, its a blessing to me."

Q: What was the motive for your performance  today?

A: "My friends back at home one who tore his ACL, and Zane he got injured earlier in the season. Ive been playing for them ever since they got injured. "

Malik Simmons (Linebacker) / Named Defensive player of the week.

Q: Securing a win for Homecoming how was that?

A: "It feels amazing , it feels like all the hard work is paying off we believed  in it."

Q: What was the motive for your two interception

A: "I just go out there and do my job, just what the coach tells me"

Q: Who inspires you?

A: "My mom and Kobe Bryant."

Jaylen McCloud   (Running Back)

Q: Securing the Win for Homecoming how was that?

A: "It feels amazing , were going to celebrate tonight. Glad we can do it for the fans, a lot of people came out to support today. I'm glad we could get the Win for them"

Q: What was the motive for your performance today?

A: "Motive is the same thing every week, just go in and play the best that we can, is all we could do."

Q: Who inspires you?

A: Leveon Bell inspires me.

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